Friday, May 19, 2006

10 mph - still on the move

Update from the not-so-slow producers of 10 MPH. I’ve previously posted about their coast-to-coast journey across the US on Segway scooters, which they filmed, and are now showing at festivals in an attempt to pick up a distribution deal.

image of 10 MPH festivalsWell, having picked up Best Documentary at East Lansing, they have been chosen as the closing of the Solstice Film Festival in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sunday 25 June at 7pm (just in case you’re in the area and can get a ticket).

Devin Halden (director of the festival) wrote to Hunter Weeks (director of 10 MPH) to explain how 10 MPH had really struck a chord with him. Like the 10 MPH team, he gave up his day job to do something he felt more passionate about – setting up the inaugural Solstice Film Festival.

A distribution deal in the US is on the cards, they’re looking into a DVD release, and they’r also starting to get ready for their next film project – going across the Atlantic in a pedalo? In the meantime, check out the trailer.

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