Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ok ... so we went to Zio Newcastle after all ... twice

After being narked that paninis were off the menu at the colourful Zio Newcastle restaurant, we ended up going round for dinner last night ... and tonight!

Now their service isn't perfect - it took two attempts to get a high chair last night, and it was filthy when it arrived - but the food makes up for it.

The Swiss burger was divine - creamy mushrooms drizzled over a home-made burger, with particularly good chips. So delicious, I nearly had it two nights in a row!

A noticeable difference in trade between the two nights. Bank Holiday Monday was quite busy, with "Reserved" signs on a few large tables. Tuesday night was empty. Schools back, holiday trade over. It's as if the shutters will be going up across Newcastle tomorrow and the tumbleweed will be blowing across the streets by 1st September!

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