Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fog at Heathrow = BA cancel all domestic flights

Heathrow T1 deaprtures screen - showing lots of flights cancelled

It's foggy at Heathrow!

It must be a real pea-souper since British Airways have just cancelled all the rest of today's domestic flights!!!

Hope bmi don't do the same. Update: they cancelled the 1320 back to Belfast, but the 1535 is still showing ... fingers crossed.

Although I've arrived early, there aren't any seats on earlier flights to switch onto, (thank goodness I wasn't able to move as the flight was cancelled!) and I can't check my bag in until two hours before the flight. So no airside lounge access for another hour and a half.

Arghh. Never travel the week before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't have to wait to long. It is pretty foggy here in Belfast, though. Just come up to Queen's by Shaftesbury square on the bus and the City Hospital is barely visible! Shall think of you as I enjoy a free lunch in Queen's great hall (sorry!)Always enjoy your posts.

John Self said...

Yes, pretty bad here too. I am looking out seawards over High Street in Holywood and can't see Belfast Lough. I was woken up yesterday morning by a ship sounding its foghorn every two minutes. Winter is here!