Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fog - or is it gof?

Good thing I couldn’t get a seat on the earlier lunchtime flight … it was cancelled.

So we’ve bounced around all over the place. First the scheduled 15:35 bmi from Heathrow back to Belfast was delayed to 16:00, then 16:50, then 18:30, and the latest announcement talking about 17:30!

We’ve been told we’re about to board three times now. Including once when they were “just waiting for the crew to arrive”.

I suspect the available plane was stolen for some other valued route.

In the meantime, the bmi Terminal 1 lounge is filling up nicely - should be completely bunged by the time everyone arrives for the evening flights.

Thinking about fog reminds me of the old BBC Weather charts … where “fog” sometimes turned into “gof” depending on how the presenter placed it on the wall.


John Self said...

Or the classic blooper reel moment when they were still using magnetic symbols (as in the pic) and one day the F from the word FOG kept falling off the board. The weatherman ended the report by saying, "I'm sorry about the F in FOG."

David Todd said...

Is there a Christmas song about this, or maybe a few?