Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Torchwood vs Lost :: Freeview vs Sky

Media Guardian, a source of overnight viewing figures, reported last week that Torchwood is edging ahead of Lost in the multi-channel viewing stakes.

If you’re new to the terminology—and I’ve been told
off before for being too obtuse
multi-channel refers to TV channels that are available to people watching more than just the five free terrestrial channels in the UK. So it includes Freeview (digital terrestrial), Freesat (free-to-air channels on satellite), Sky and cable.

Since Sky wrestled Lost from the hands of Channel 4, it’s been available only to satellite or cable subscribers with Sky One in their package. As I’ve commented previously, it’s bye bye lost from me. This is a much smaller potential audience than those who can catch Torchwood on BBC Three on Freeview, Cable, Sky as well as a handful on Freesat. Both are no doubt available on BitTorrent!

Last week’s figures:

  • BBC3, Torchwood = 971,000 viewers (up from 958,000 the week before)
  • Sky One, Lost = 863,000 viewers (down below 1 million for the first time this series)


Keith said...

I almost cried a little when I found out $ky got the new series of Lost. No Sky, no ntl:Telewest and can't pick up RTÉ!

I think we either have to wait for it to be repeated on Sky Three or one of the main five, at some stage in the, possibly quite, distant future.

John Self said...

Sky did well (by their standards) with Hogfather at the weekend, with 2.5 million viewers the first night - though this dropped to 1.5 million the second night. This is their highest ever rating for a homegrown programme (and the second highest rating ever, after a Friends special in 2000), though with all the publicity surrounding it, it could have done a good bit better yet. Sky has 11 million households receiving their services (either through satellite or bundled cable services), which works out at 25 million+ people. 2.5 million doesn't seem quite so many based on that.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

A couple of other facts from Broadcast magazine on this story.

Lost got a 5.1% share in multi-channel homes - so 1 in 20 people who sat down in front of a turned-on TV that is hooked up to more than the normal 5 channels tuned into Lost.

Oh, and that means Sky paid over £1 per viewer who watched the episode. An expensive purchase.

Allen said...

I cant pick up sky3 on my digi box for some reason :-(

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Similar story here ... no sign of

11 - Sky Three
12 - UKTV History
30 E4+1
37 SmileTV