Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gordon Brown - face like thunder

Walking down to the bmi lounge at Heathrow Terminal 1 a few minutes ago, a small crowd came bursting towards us.

Out in front, making no eye contact with anyone, strode a thunderous-looking Gordon Brown, presuamably just off a flight from Glasgow.

A few paces behind in pyramid formation came aides, minders and airport police. All silent, glum and looking like they were getting in some practise for the Speed Walking event at the 2012 Olympics.

With yesterday's re-arrest of Lord Levy to add on top of the continuing unsubstantiated newspaper reports of smoking guns, handwritten notes and trails of fivers leading to the heart of Downing Street, the heir to the New Labour throne may have been comtemplating the mess that he could conceivably be taking over sooner than Blair originally wished.

Maybe Channel 4's The Trial of Tony Blair will prove more accurate that audiences imagined ... the writer just needs to replace war crimes with offences under the Honours Act and it could be rereleased.

Maybe Blair's handover to Brown will be as tainted as Clinton's legacy to Gore? Enough to make the Chancellor look grumpy.


David Todd said...

Where was your camera? Though maybe it was good you didn't take a picture of him, it might put me off my dinner.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Camera was in my pocket.

My excuse ... we were walking towards him, and he was charging towards us. Didn't have long enough warning to get hand into pocket, remove cover, switch on and shoot. (Maybe "shoot" wasn’t such a good way to end the last sentence!)

So no new career as a paparazzi for me!

And he didn't look like he was going to stop and pose.

David Todd said...

He probably only poses when he's wearing his kilt.

New career as a 'hitman' mightn't work either.

Anonymous said...

Face like thunder...

Gordons got his own problems, he aint worried about tony blair's...

John Self said...

On The Trial of Tony Blair, I thought it was tremendously disappointing but for Robert Lindsay's performance - all the better for not being a Michael Sheen-style impersonation. Just a load of jokes with very little sharp satirical edge. Plus too much build-up - at the end he was just being led away for the trial!

But what's this about Clinton's tainted legacy? I must have missed that: I am reminded of the Onion headline when Bush became president: BUSH: "OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY IS FINALLY OVER."

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

> But what's this about Clinton's tainted legacy?

The scandals surrounding Clinton's exit really hurt the Democratic vote at the end of his second term. I was going to say that Lewinsky left a bad taste in the voters' mouths ... oops, I did.

The sins of his father dented Gore's chances, along with the chad fiasco. And Blair's fraying at the edges will leave Brown with less goodwill to exploit and help Cameron's case.