Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Patterns of life

Douglas Coupland's novel Jpod (and Microserfs before that) points to the potential for most workers in the Silicon Valley IT industry to be somewhere on the autism scale.

I suspect we can extend this beyond San Francisco, and include most of the world's software industry.

Certainly there are parts of my life that seem to follow familiar, comforting, repeating patterns.

I'm typing this on a PDA keyboard ... sorry for the lack of regular posting, but the email gateway to Blogger's the only way I can post this week as our intranet blocks blogger.com ...

Anyway, I'm typing this on a PDA keyboard with my thumbs, sitting at the same seat at the same table in the same branch of TGI Friday's I sat in last Thursday night. Not entirely my fault that their table for one isn't too busy ... but certainly my fault for walking past my favourite Chinatown Chinese, realising that it's still closed for renovations, and defaulted to TGI's around the corner.

The pattern will continue with a trip to the nearby Curzon Soho - need to upload a review of The Last King of Scotland (done) from last week, excellent film, though I've still got itchy nipples!

After the madness of work (getting to bed at 0145 this morning and then up at 0600 counts as mad), settling into the same area of the cinema (back right) and melting into the director's celluloid world is a relief and a much needed rest!

I'll post a couple of reviews soon ... and then get back to my routine!!!

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CW said...

I agree that Last King was a great film - not pleasant to watch at times and the ambigious mixing of fact with fiction was a little irritating, but it captured the vibrancy of Africa, the high contrast cinematography brought out the colours superbly, the pace and tension were first rate and Whitaker again showed his versatility in getting into Amin's character varying between bungling clown and brutal despot.