Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yesterday, a helicopter & Blair

Yesterday morning I woke to the drone of a helicopter hovering above Westminster - about a third of a mile down the road. Turning on the hotel room's TV, I could see its view of Blair's predicted journey from Downing Street to the House of Commons and on to Buckingham Palace.

Around 2 o'clock yesterday I was queuing in the GNER travel centre in Kings Cross Station to find out how I could get a refund for my unused journey from Newcastle to King Cross.

An hour later, I was perched on a stool in the next door British Library cafe, reviewing an epic tender document (and at 200 pages it was half the length of the other submission).

Turned out the about the same time, Tony Blair was next door getting used to the less perk-ridden life as an ex-Prime Minister, catching a train (First Class seat) up to his Sedgefield constituency.

Just missed him - maybe he could have got some sense out of GNER - need to fill out a refund form, post it off, or you could ring this number (which wasn't actually in use any longer) and see if they'll give you compensation instead. August update: still chasing for a refund - no word back, not even the self-addressed "we've received your claim" slip.


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