Sunday, October 07, 2007


Fair trade produce on display at a harvest service

About this time last year, I pondered in an AiB post ...

What is our harvest? And what would the world look like if it was a village of 100 people?

This year, both questions are just as apt. Whether on a farm, in some other factory or field, what is it that we produce that we are thankful for? Foodstuffs, materials, goods, services, experiences, education, love? The things we pour our time and effort into, that we invest our creativity into? The things we’d miss if they weren’t there or weren’t so good.

Fair trade produce on display at a harvest service

In a church up on the north coast this morning, one window was absent of flowers, fruit and barley. Instead, the windowsill was occupied with fair trade goods.

Reminding us that we can be thankful for other people’s harvest too ... and can be responsible in how we spend and invest the proceeds and profits of our local harvest.

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