Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Page Turner revisited (and some reflections on Google’s PageRank)

Poster inn London Underground for the film The Page Turner

I picked up a DVD of The Page Turner (La Tourneuse de Pages) a couple of weeks ago, and now that The West Wing is out of the way (having started last Christmas, we’ve finally made our way through all seven series) we settled down on Saturday night to an evening of piano music and tension.

Eleven months after first seeing it in the cinema, the film’s so much more menacing the second time through.

On repeat viewing, so many of Mélanie’s (Déborah François) actions and words point to her planning revenge, even leaving us wondering if she’d been involved in Ariane’s (Catherine Frot) car crash?

Anyway, an excellent film, well worth viewing (or hiring).

Interestingly, my original review post continues to receive a lot of hits from Google - mostly from people searching for the French title “la tourneuse de pages” rather than the English “the page turner”. I was also shocked to discover that last week’s post mentioning the fun children’s book “Aliens Love Underpants” has a ridiculously high page ranking (below Amazon, but above Waterstones), and that the post written following the night of the death of David Ervine strangely still sits below his Wikipedia entry, and above the BBC News article announcing his death.

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