Thursday, January 31, 2008

An evening of Spanish Jewish ladino music in Belfast Synagogue

Los Desterrados logo and album cover

Back in October 2006, I was on a very interesting visit to the Belfast Synagogue up on the 49 Somerton Road. The post still gets a lot of hits.

The Synagogue is is hosting a cultural extravaganza on Sunday 9 March at 8pm - a concert of Spanish Jewish ladino music featuring the London-based sextet Los Desterrados who specialise in

“Moorish Rhythm, Spanish Passion and Jewish Soul”
Los  sextetDesterrados

Everyone welcome - so why not go along and buy a £5 ticket at the door? Doors open at 7pm. Contact ladinobelfast AT yahoo DOT com if you've any queries.

Ladino is the language and culture of the Jews of Spain. In 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain but took with them their distinctive language and traditions.

The London Metro freepaper reckons that Los Desterrados

“take the medieval music of the Sephardic [Spanish] Jews, with its strong Latin influences, and drag it effortlessly into the 21st century with lashings of Spanish folk and Balkan soul to deliver a series of rousing, melancholic songs that pulse with rhythm and feeling.”

The concert may even warrant digging out the drip-free candles and lighting the candelabrum!

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Alan said...

O yes, they wrote "what goes up must come down".........
O yes there's one thing you can bring back to me, Spanish boots of Spanish leather.