Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Belfast - be branded

alan in [Belfast b logo]

Apologies to the Corporate Communications team at Belfast City Council for ignoring their very solid brand guidelines ... but the .eps font file and the lack of a decent image-processing made it hard to be good and obey the rules! And besides, now I've got it out of my system, I'll not have to play any further.

Launched yesterday, Belfast has developed unified branding to help promote the city and its attractions. In case you hadn't noticed, the big "B" logo is a heart tipped up on its side ...

Be (Belfast) welcome, sociable, friendly, part of it

It acts as the heart of Belfast, reflecting its warm and welcoming nature. It also shows the city as welcoming, dynamic, vibrant, energetic and inspiring.

Look out for lots of Bs appearing over Belfast.

As a blog, Alan in Belfast encourages you to be some of the things down the right hand side of the post.

Be seeing you ...


Singapore Dividend Collector said...

If there is one thing that Belfast does not need, it is corporate branding.


Anonymous said...

The Belfast "Bum Heart" and skinny font are hilariously bad, they do say Belfast though... stunningly out of touch. Why do we need this anyway? I hope it was free, why not have a logo for every major town and city.