Saturday, November 08, 2008

Underneath every woolly hat ...

It's the time of the year again when you burn heating oil faster than you can buy it, and wish that Toyota Aygo's warmed up as fast as the old Smart car used to!

And even the bottles of Innocent Smoothie in Secret Sainsburys have got their woolly hats back on. Love all the variety and the mohair.

Innocent Smoothies with woolly hats - The Big Knit 2008

Over half a million hats knitted by members of the public and sent into Fruit Towers. Each bottle sold adorned with the creations of The Big Knit results in a donation of 50p to Age Concern. And a further 20,000 hats knitted in Ireland with a €1 donation to Age Action Ireland.

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Paul C said...

What a wonderful post. Buying one of these drinks with the knitted hat is philanthropy in action. I like how knitting instructions are included on the site.