Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Did you hear the one about the bloggers on the sofa?

Amidst the regular previews of upcoming festivals and events, book and film reviews, rants about tea bags, and a little gabbling about science fiction on TV, this blog sometimes ventures off into new areas.

And so it was last Thursday night when I joined two other bloggers in the NvTv studio in the Cathedral Quarter to record a pilot TV show for the Belfast Community Station. (Long time AiB readers will get extra points for remembering the last time NvTv was mentioned!)

The idea of Blogtalk NI was to get get some local bloggers to come out from behind their screens and keyboards to meet face-to-face and chew over some recent stories that have surfaced on local blogs.

Blogtalk NI from Northern Visions on Vimeo.

The "ABCD" pilot show featured Alan from Alan in Belfast, Brian from Burke's Corner, Conall from O'Conall Street and was hosted by Donal. All under the watchful eye of producer Carl.

We covered the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (not sure I've ever had a conversation about them in my life before!), the legacy of the NI Executive and Assembly as it reaches the 800 day mark for the second time, and the level of (im)maturity that political parties show in their use of social media.

Political, but quite calm! And nothing to say that every episode will be so politically dominated.

The show should be back in October, and if you're a blogger and you'd like to take part, get in touch with carl AT northernvisions DOT org. If you live in greater Belfast and have a good analogue aerial, you can tune your television into Channel 62/799.276MHz and check out the NvTv schedule pages.


Manuel said...

just watched was great! Good intelligent conversation....well done

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Just contact Carl at the address above and your cover can be blown for ever ...

Andrea said...