Monday, September 14, 2009

A flâneur's view strolling up Lisburn's Bow Street on Saturday morning

Lisburn's Bow Street seemed remarkably colourful on Saturday morning. At one end, pan pipes were wafting out from just outside Easons. Futher up there was a street preacher and then the balloon seller. Another busker outside the Ulster Bank. And World War Two enthusiasts - the Wartime Living History Association - stretched out all the way up to the Linen Museum. (Turned out that last bit was a major part of Lisburn's Historic Quarter Festival over the weekend.)

I've always wonder just how difficult and fiddly it is to make a multi-picture video ... now I know! All the footage was filmed within ten minutes as we walked up the street. And all caught on the pocket-sized Flip Mino HD.

The sound seems very choppy? Is it just me, or is it the same for everyone? Might have to try and re-export tonight.

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