Sunday, April 16, 2006

Airport Symbolism: a short Flash film

Check out Iain Anderson’s short film – airport - a journey told without words using the symbols used in airports the world over. It’s short, clever and well worth a watch. And like 10 mph (which featured in an earlier post), it has shown at a film festival too, part of the Oz Digital Shorts programme at the Sydney Film Festival last June.

still from airport short filmstill from airport short film

Told without words, it requires no translation or subtitles (spoil sports!). The entire film uses AIGA’s public domain airport symbols to tell the story. Follow the central character into the terminal, through the airport, do a bit of shopping, and settle down onto the flight.

Don’t look for any suspense or drama … but it’ll make you smile :)

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Phil said...

That was brilliant. Loved the bit of the guy getting searched by the immigration folks, reminds me of what happened to me in the summer.