Sunday, April 23, 2006

Free DVDs? What will Belfast Telegraph give away?

Mr Tickle book coverAs I walked past the pile of Belly Laughs at the check out recently, the word FREE screamed out from the front page. With free CDs a thing of the past and the recent rash of newspapers giving away free DVDs, what title would the Belfast Telegraph choose bestow on its readers?

Ryan’s Daughter? Titanic? Perhaps a political thriller?

No. None of those. Instead, a choice of Mr Men or Little Miss books! Cut out the voucher, tick the box, tape 50p to it, and send it in. Little Miss SunshineThe giveaway offer didn’t generate the I’ll-buy-one-of-those-to-get-that reactions in me that the Belly Laugh hoped for, but it made me smile. And if Little Miss Sunshine had been a little older, then maybe I’d have bought one in a flash.

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