Wednesday, April 26, 2006

King of the Chavs - taken for a ride?

On the way to bed last night I caught Channel 4’s documentary on Michael Carroll: King of the Chavs.
When Carroll won £9.7 million on the National Lottery in November 2002, there was uproar amongst those who cared (mainly red-top tabloids). Only 19 years old, Michael led a colourful life, tagged for being drunk and disorderly, a four-month sentence for aggravated vehicle-taking, driving whilst disqualified and criminal damage.

His winnings didn't help him settle down. And, if anything, the continued media interest in his life and behaviour must be partially responsible for fuelling his continued controversy.

Keith Allen last appeared on our screens as the narrator and Pilate in Manchester Passion. His role last night as pretend-confidante and snipping judge of Carroll.

Allen's commentary tried to give Carroll the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he wasn't the lout that the media portrayed? Perhaps not all the reporting was true? Yet, Allen continually mocked Carroll in the documentary's voiceovers.

As the programme drew to a close, and Carroll croaked some lyrics quickly penned by Allen in a garden recording studio, it seemed like Carroll might actually be a tame character after all. The interruption to the closing credits scotched that idea – jailed in February 2006 for affray and threatening teenagers at a 2004 concert with a baseball bat, along with other more recent allegations that will have reset any audience sympathy.

I'm sure Carroll regrets taking part in the programme. Keith Allen's commentary, the editing and Carroll's own subsequent behaviour have further damaged his image, and reaffirmed his role as villain. Perhaps Channel 4 and Keith Allen need to be careful that they don't join him?


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