Monday, April 24, 2006

Northern Ireland does Shakespeare

In a bid not to be outdone by the Complete Works Festival of Shakespeare’s writings that I posted about previously, politicians from across Northern Ireland are coming together in May to re-enact scenes from our political history.

  • Classic voting rituals to decide on first and deputy first ministers will be re-run, using the acclaimed d’Hondt system;
  • Playground rituals of I'm-not-talking-to-you will be re-enacted in a contemporary Stormont setting;
  • Eileen Bell will take the place of John Alderdice who was unavailable to reprise his role as Speaker of the NI Assembly;
  • And no doubt the MLAs will vote themselves a pay increase too - something they have a history of doing.
Tickets not required. It will be simulcast on all local TV and radio news bulletins.

Roll over Shakespeare.

1 comment:

Cybez said...

I remember the film "stormontgate" Re-enactments and re-runs is it all run by the BBC or UTV? ;-)