Monday, May 29, 2006

Daddy’s takin’ us to the zoo tomorrow

Despite the gloomy weather, we went across to Belfast Zoo, set into the slopes of Cave Hill, with a commanding view across Belfast.

I was promised that the Ring-tailed Lemurs would be spectacular. They run free across the zoo complex. I wasn’t there on our last family trip across to the zoo, but there were reports of them jumping over the roof of the Education Centre and swinging from the trees.

There were spectacled bears enjoying the old polar bear enclosure - though they must have had their contact lenses in.

The strange sight of elephants stomping in the shadows of Cave Hill. No sign of Hannibal.

The penguins swimming in their pool are spectacular to watch – though difficult to photograph.

The sea lions enjoyed basking in the sun after their swim.

The zoo is owned and operated by Belfast City Council: it is good to see that my rates are being well used.

The only disappointment was that the Lemurs were nowhere to be seen.


Red Mum said...

Cool piece, I haven't been there in, I was going to say years but it is more like decades.
I'll have to get up over the summer.

Alan in Belfast said...

Worth a visit - though not cheap. £7.50 for adults, £20 family ticket (2 adults, 2 wee wans).

I should also point out that the weather picked up a bit after the gloomy start - though we did get caught in one shower up near the zebras.

And if you have a pram - watch out, it's hilly.

John Self said...

I too haven't been there in decades, though my girlfriend was there with her school class last week. I went through a phase of 'disapproving' of it, since I think the last time I was there the polar bear enclosure and the like were really grotty and pitiful. Hopefully it's picked up. That, plus the whacking great brown signs (brown sign, tr. "this is good for you") on the M2 have reminded me of its existence and I'll probably go back soon. Still, as Alexei Sayle said, why should children here get to see zebras and lions? Children in Kenya don't get to see Chelsea pensioners...

Alan in Belfast said...

According to the Belfast City Council news article , Belfast Zoo enjoyed record numbers of visitors through it's hill-top gates in 2006.

Just over a quarter of a million people visited in 2006 - with 48,000 at Easter, and 52,500 during July.

Our three tickets must have made a difference!