Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ever feel like you're banging your head of a keyboard?

Courtesy of Jefferson Davis' post earlier today, I bring you the mildly gruesome spectacle of every day life in the software industry.

Jefferson arrives in Ireland on Wednesday evening - let's hope his experiences in Irish internet cafes won't be as bad as the cartoon. I should ask Jury's to provide you with a complimentary cup of Earl Grey tea while you're up in Belfast!

Update - November 2009 - Hi! to all the folk visiting this old post today. A bit gruesome - not sure I'd post it today! Feel free to drop a comment explaining why this cartoon is so fashionable today ...


Jefferson Davis said...

Thanks for the link Alan. :-)

Andy Boal said...

Alan, it's fashionable today because nothing ever changes - MS still drives us up the wall :)