Thursday, May 11, 2006

^^^ Looking Upward Every Day ^^^

A series of photos with something in common – they’re all looking up.

The first features the ornate stone ceiling in Gloucester Cathedral’s cloister. If you've watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone if you're in the US) on the big screen, you'll already have seen it. The cloister runs around the four sides of the inner courtyard, which features a fountain and tranquil paths.

Second, we look up a particularly tall tree in Barnwood Park, Gloucester. Interestingly, just beside the tree is an old church, now used as a gym!

The third is in Eastgate Shopping Centre in Gloucester city centre. On the hour, the magical Beatrix Potter Tailor of Gloucester display above the Clinton card shop comes to life.

The window at the left opens and the tailor works away, while the mice, cat and owl move around. It took over a year to build – and may be in jeopardy as there are regeneration plans for Eastgate centre. By four minutes past the hour it’s all over.

And you can even watch a video of the action.

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