Saturday, May 27, 2006

Move over – you’re spoiling my view of the weather map

A pregnant Jeannette Eggenschwiler presenting the weather forecast (c) Tele-ZueriMy memory of a holiday in Switzerland four years ago was of a clean, efficient and modern country. It’s main struggle seemed to be maintaining a common identity across the French and German-speaking cantons. But I’d have put the Swiss down as a politically correct bunch.

Turns out, Switzerland may not be universally PC.

Jeannette Eggenschwiler forecasting before she was pregnantJeannette Eggenschwiler is a weather forecaster and eight months pregnant. Not quite ready to go off on maternity leave, she is still presenting weather bulletins for Tele-Zueri. However, viewers have complained to the television station asking for the heavily pregnant weather girl to be removed from their screens.

Ms Eggenschwiler has commented:

“They seem to find watching a pregnant woman on TV embarrassing, and some have even attacked me personally calling me ‘perverse’. Being pregnant is one of the most natural things in the world and I’m not going to hide it. I’ll go off air when I’m ready.”
Anyone wanting to see if they would feel embarrassed can compare the recent photo (top left) with the older shot (right).


Adam said...

That reminds me of a BBC weather forcast I caught a while back, a female presenter dressed all in black, looked normal etc. etc.
Then she turned to the side and I got the fright of my life when I realised she was pregnant... not because I was offended but more because I didn't realise it for about 2 minutes... after the initial shock I didn't give a fook... just let me know it isn't going to rain and I'll love you forever.

ainelivia said...

Am I suprised? No. Lived in Zurich for three years. Remember well being almost arrested by policeman for crossing the road where there was no crossing, but it was Christmas Eve, and after I took out my spectacles and said that I couldn't see the crossing he relented, and wish me a Happy Christmas. And then there was the man who would stand by the traffic lights and take the regs of cars that went through on the red and report them to the police. Oh yes, Switzerland, the land of rules and regulations. And woebetide anyone who....