Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Political lunatics with little support!

Walking past Marcus Music at lunchtime, I couldn’t resist looking in the window to see how many of the Making Politicians History postcards had been ticked and sent back.

The return address on the “I [want to] make our political servants redundant and unite to tranform (sic) Belfast” postcards was Marcus Music in Royal Avenue – a music and PA shop stretching over 3 floors in an old building. Just opposite the Belfast Telegraph offices.

A giant rainbow tick is displayed in Marcus’ window. Apparently when full, it will show that two thirds of the 200,000 or so Belfast voters have sent back their cards.

It’s a lovely perspex rainbow tick, which catches the light beautifully.

So far, it’s also a near-empty rainbow tick!

Maybe it’s early days and it will fill up – I’ll wander past again next week for an update.


John Self said...

Hm, I must admit I didn't send mine back...

Excellent blog by the way!

Alan in Belfast said...

Thanks for the comments you've left. Do drop by again.

colin walker said...

Well the old belfast apathy is still live and well then - well I returned my card - good for marcus musical I say - and keep tryin

Alan in Belfast said...

I wandered past a week or so ago, and the big perspex tick had been removed from the window. But it never got very full.