Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday night TV - three to watch (or not)

Three shows on TV tonight - that might be counted as entertainment by some (and not by others).

BBC 1 screens the final episode of The Street - Jimmy McGovern's series - with a strong storyline looking at domestic violence.

BBC 3 is showing the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest at 8pm. The main event is on Saturday evening and will include Sir Terry's wit and humour.

Channel 4 releases 12 human monkeys in to the glass zoo known as the Big Brother house at 9pm. Will this year be excruciating, yet compulsive viewing?

I'm in Gatwick waiting for a flight, so I'll not see any of them! But drop me a comment about what you think if you catch any of them.


Alan in Belfast said...

And a show you won't be seeing - Celebrity Pole Dancing.

BBC plans for a one-off special as part of the upcoming Sport Relief campaign have been scrapped after protests from women's groups saying that it exploited women.

Zoe Ball had been rumoured to have been involved.

Someone in the BBC will be taking another read through the Producer Guidelines.

John Self said...

Gah - Big Brother. Has it really been a year? I only caught a couple of this year's bunch of upsetting misfits last night when my girlfriend rang me to tell me about them. If I was Big Brother I would lock all the doors and pour concrete in through the roof. I really can't express how much I hate this vacuous, contemptible freak show (though perhaps I am beginning to).


I kept missing early episodes of The Street because I couldn't remember which night it was on. Then I did remember one week and watched the start, until the titles showed it wasn't written by Jimmy McGovern, so I switched off again. McGovern is a great writer, but why does he seem incapable these days of writing six whole episodes on his own (see also the last series of Cracker and The Lakes?

I am sounding like a right miserable sod. On the bright side, I watched The Line of Beauty on Wednesday ... and it was rubbish too!

John Self said...

Oh and the comment about Celebrity Pole Dancing reminds me of the brilliant exchange between Steve and Patrick in Coupling, as they enter a lapdancing club:

"Do you think this is the sort of place that demeans women?"

"Well, we could ask..."