Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Battle of the photo-hosting sites

If you asked a stranger on the street what the leading Web 2.0 websites were, you’d either
I stumbled across an interesting article – not quite sure of my path to it.

I suggests that Flickr isn’t the king of photo sharing sites. Instead, Photobucket.com (which I’d only heard about recently) has more than double the market share of its nearest rival Yahoo! Photos.

Another interesting facet of this is to look at how MySpace users are hosting their images.

Do read the original article for the full details.


John Self said...

Photobucket is so basic though: no interactivity or community element. It's easier to use as a host for photos on blogs, message boards etc than Flickr, which probably explains its success. Flickr has evolved into more a community and a display tool for photography lovers to discuss their best shots. Personally I love it.

John Self said...

Hm, what happened there? This is the link I meant to do.

Caroline said...

I dislike the bandwidth limits imposed by some of those photo hosting sites. Nothing looks worse on someones website or forum post than a 'bandwidth exceeded' photo instead of whatever was intended.