Friday, June 16, 2006

naked conversations - scoble blogs his departure

In the week that Robert Scoble announced on his blog that he was leaving Microsoft to work at a video-blogging start-up, I finished reading Scoble’s book – Naked Conversations: how blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers – co-authored with Shel Israel.

As described in the book, Scoble’s blog has helped to portray Microsoft as less evil and more human, even while his postings haven’t always been 100% supportive of the Microsoft corporate line. But he’s not leaving his job because he’s posted once too often.

No, he’s moving to be vice president at PodTech.Net – making video interviews with players across the IT world. A logical progression for the man who currently runs the Microsoft Channel 9 news site which airs video interviews with Microsoft employees to give an insight into the projects they are working on

And in true internet fashion, Scoble’s departure premiered on someone else’s blog before appearing on his own, while the sudden interest in his new employer caused a surge in traffic that has continued to dog their webserver performance all week!

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