Saturday, June 03, 2006

Open plan office? What about Office in a Bucket?

As described a month or two ago, when I’m actually in the office in Belfast, I work in an open plan environment, with another 80–100 people scattered across the floor.

There are good desks and bad. It’s a noisy environment, with phones, printers, a kitchen area, air conditioning, windows, walls of filing cabinets, and bookable meeting rooms, all being part of the equation used to work out how comfortable you are with your position.

Stuck in a bad desk? Want some privacy? Now there’s an answer. OIAB from Inflate.

"Office in a Bucket is a portable inflatable office / meeting room / chill our area housed in an easily transportable bucket. Simply plug in your OIAB and within minutes you have an eye catching structure that can be packed away as easily as it was installed."

Thanks to Shiny Shiny.

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Catalizadora said...

This just reminded me that something along those lines was already thought of in 1965. Do you remember the Cone of Silence in Get Smart? (