Monday, June 19, 2006

What's puzzling me today

Why does the good weather always break when I go off on leave?

We've had pretty good weather in Belfast for most of last week. And then on Friday it rained for the majority of the day. And it has continued to be grey and overcast - with the odd sunny shower - while the forecast isn't good for this week. Hmmm.

Is there a Tubby Poop Scoop?

I've noticed that Teletubbie land is littered with munching rabbits ... but they're either incredibly well behaved or Noo-Noo pops out at night to clean up.

Will there ever be enough time in life to read all the books I'd like to read?

The bookshelves in our house are already overflowing - the combination of two bookworms and a baby daughter's collection of fun books! Problem is that some are only half-read, and way too many haven't even been started. Given the pressures of working life, will I ever get time to make a dent on my pile of reading? Or will I continue to be tempted to buy books faster than I can read them?

Which reminds me, must finish reading that copy of Jim Wallis' "God's Politics" that William Crawley sent me from his book giveaway on his Will & Testament blog recently. I'd even started to scribble a review on the back of a Air Berlin sick bag!

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Catalizadora said...

Well, everything I have on the pile to read, along with all the courses I'd like to study... well... i'll leave them for when i'm locked up in jail. And then i'll be forced to catch up with them.