Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gatwick by night

As the second busiest airport in the UK - and sixth busiest in the world - Gatwick is like a village always on the go.

So landing at Gatwick’s South Terminal late at night, I found the airport unusually quiet. Although flights continue to land into the wee small hours, there are very few passengers or staff once you leave airside and reach the check-in desks etc.

The transit link across to the North Terminal was desserted.

(Aside: it's hard to get a good photo from the transit at night. The lighting's all wrong.)

And even the Sofitel hotel lobby wasn’t the normal bustling mix of people milling about, queuing and talking.

(Rereading this post, it feels like a poor homage to Jett Loe’s empty Gatwick Airport posting from just after Christmas!)

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