Thursday, July 13, 2006

Impact of the Twelfth on the Thirteenth – Part 2

An unexpected further set of images depicting the impact of yesterday on today in East Belfast.

A quarter to nine at night. All I wanted were some chicken breasts and a few other bits of shopping. After all, I was working today, and Thursday night = late night shopping.
They’d have been easier to buy on Boxing Day than the 13th of July!

Secret Sainsburys … no.

Tesco at Knocknagoney … not so 24 hour this week.

Driving past the Gourmet Burger Bank (you either love it or you loathe it) and it was closed too. No one encouraged to eat out in mid-July shock.
But, Tesco Express came to the rescue. Local, and open when you need it.

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John Self said...

In fact Gourmet Burger Bank was closed all last week - shock! - as a result of which we had to go to Bennett's on Sunday instead, which was pretty quiet too.