Saturday, July 29, 2006

Monopoly Money … going plastic

Hasbro are shortly planning to update their Monopoly board game to use plastic instead of paper money.

And I'm not referring to Northern Bank fivers - which local readers will have all have tried to rip but failed.

(I was shocked to discover people attempting to sell these plastic (polymer) notes on eBay. £7 + £1.50 postage. Crazy. Must try it! Maybe the Northern Bank should try it to recoup some of their losses from the December 2004 robbery and the expensive 2006 rebranding.)

No. In future, players will have fake credit cards to pass across to the banker who will scan them through a battery operated device that can add a further £200 credit every time you pass go, and subtract off your fines. No more cheating the bank and clumsily picking up three £100 notes instead of two!

And the word on the street is that the new game will be twice the price of the original – though it couldn’t possibly be twice the fun!

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