Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai trains - bomb blasts kill over 100

I work with a lot of people who live in Mumbai (Bombay), and also spent a fortnight working there and in Pune several years ago. Several colleagues have recently returned from visited the area. It is appalling to hear about the bombs that exploded on trains in Mumbai this evening.

Reports suggest that seven bombs exploded in the first class carriages of trains across the city of Mumbai in a synchronised attack at 1830 local time (1400 UK time). Being rush hour, there would have been thousands of workers returning home on the very efficient rail network.

Police expect that more than 100 people have died. The rail network has now been shut down.
Coming only days after London marked the first anniversary of the 7/7 public transport blasts, it is tragic that another city is facing a similar atrocity.

Our thoughts are with all those affected.

Update - You can follow the story on Wikinews and Wikipedia.

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