Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shiny Toys

Courtesy of my weekly browse over at Shiny Shiny (, here are some gadgets that caught my eye, though none of us will particularly want to buy them.

Duck Young Kong’s “Keyboard Food Tray” is a Perspex tray that sits above your keyboard, allowing you to keep food and drink within easy reach, but out of the way. Now this desk real estate-saving gadget may be very clever, but I can’t help imagining that crumby keyboards will be replaced with wet desks as cups of tea get knocked over from a great height. (I already keep my laptop raised off the desk for this reason!)

Pass me the spork!
  • It’s a spoon, a fork and a knife.
  • It’s made of heat-resistant material and is dishwasher safe.
  • It’s durable a weighs a mere 6 grammes.
  • It’s available in multiple colours.
  • It’s only $2.99 (or $2.69 in the sale).

Or how about an umbrella light - a rechargeable LED light that can be fitted at the top of parasols. And check out the automatic umbrella that tracks the sun throughout the day!

If you’ve still got any spare USB ports, who not splash out on an aquarium? If the nerves of your IT support department (or partner) aren’t already frayed enough, plug in this mini aquarium and relax as you watch the plastic fish swimming.

And if your feet are cold (and you’ve still got another USB port left), you always could buy some USB-warmed slippers. I hid you not.


John Self said...

The spork must have been standard in the US for some time, judging from the old Onion headline which came to mind when I read this: KFC Robbed at Sporkpoint.

Wayne Ordinary American said...

I'm totally digging the mini-aquarium! (and yes, the spork is a well known utensil at KFC in the States.)

Alan in Belfast said...

Or you could get a pop-up tent instead.