Friday, July 21, 2006

What to do with a leaking oil tank? Part 2

This morning's drama is now resolved.

A white van with a trailer-full of tanks pulled up about half twelve.

Pumped the remaining oil into the new tank, disconnected the old tank, pumped the oil back into the old tank, lifted the new tank into place, connected it to the pipe and pumped the oil into new tank (again). Sounds like a modern version of the getting the chicken, fox and corn across the river puzzle!

Looks like when the flange was trimmed in the factory, the knife went into the plastic, weakening it, and eventually creating a crack.

One shiny new Titan R1000 tank. (Titan Environmental being the new name for Tyrell Tanks.) And the boiler seems to be running ok - so the oil's getting through. Success.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't see this bit before writing a comment.
Did you have to pay or did the company replace it?
Thanks for any advice

Alan in Belfast said...

They checked the serial number over the phone - it's stamped near the lid - and replaced it for free under the ten year guarantee.

And they pumped the oil from the old to the new.

All very smooth.

michael goodall said...

hey alan, just to let you know you saved us the expense of buying a new tank! ours had 4 cracks in the top and one about 30cm long down the seam at the side. they came out and replaced it, and the guy said it may have been a faulty batch as they had done 4 that day. thanks again for your post!

Jon Lobb said...

I have just had cracks in my tank but they are only offering £300 off a new tank - now I am told that I need a double bunded tank.
I have said I will pay the difference between the two but they just come back with £300 or nothing.
anyone else had this problem ?

Alan in Belfast said...

Is the tank out of guarantee?

Jon Lobb said...

no within the 10 years but I dont still have proof of purchase

Alan in Belfast said...

I didn't need proof of purchase ... had none as it was bought by the house's previous owner. When I phoned up, they used the marking on the top of the tank to prove when it was manufactured which was enough to qualify.

Anonymous said...

just check oftec regulations, you must have an open stream near your tank thats why you need a bunded tank.

Rob McKenzie said...

Have just discovered cracks in my Titan Env Tank (can't remember the model number but it look very similar to the one that was replaced above). I contacted then and they sent round someone to take photographic evidence. Upon reviewing this evidence they have refused to replace as the tank is supported by a crumbling base. This is all very frustrating as have just moved in and the tanks was installed by a previous owner but also despite being defined as crumbling the base is still all level and true and the positions of the cracks do not relate to any thing that could be attributed to it
Have anyone else had a similar experience? Is it related to the recent cold weather?

Anonymous said...

I have just been offered by Titan£350 towards a 8 year old cracked single skinned 2500 Titan tank. It is under guarantee but as regs have changed in the last 5 years I require a bunded tank. I expect at the worse to pay the difference. Wish me like as I take up my case with them!!