Monday, July 10, 2006

Who turned on the rain?

About 4.40pm, someone turned on the tap above Belfast.


Cybez said...

Probably Gerry Adams a day and a bit early.Or God?

You have to mention politics and religon as much as possible on these blogs.

Also mention sex, thats the time they have dinner in Ballymena hey.

Alan in Belfast said...

Since I have Ballymena connections, I shouldn't be accused of being a Seven-Towersaphobic.

Q: What do Ballymena men do about passion?

A: Put up their umbrellas!

Mention politics, religion, and if possible, link to Slugger O'Toole - perhaps to point out that overnight some kids have built a mini-bonfire on the road where Cluan place meets the Albertbridge Road. (a) Dangerous, (b) Offensive - given the names they've painted at the top of the stack of pallets, and (c) Did someone at home not notice they were missing last night / early this morning?