Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Airport queues, lack of

Arrived 15 minutes earlier than usual this morning at the Belfast City St George Airport for the red eye across to Heathrow. Only a tiny queue of sock-soled passengers waiting in line at security.

The main difference to previous trips was that metal watches, belts, wallets and shoes were being X-rayed as well as bags, coats and laptops.

My rucksack had enough cables in it to qualify for a manual search ... though the guy didn't bother to open all the pockets to look inside them. In the end, only the camera and laptop were swabbed for explosives, and my spare battery, power supply, and network lead slept undisturbed in their front pouch.

Now just to get boarded and remember to buy some toothpaste at the far end. A smart teenager could make a fortune selling little white tubes to passengers at Terminal 1 and Paddington!


James said...

Wow, a laptop... I'm guessing it's not one of those new self-combusting Dell models? :)


Anonymous said...

Am ringing my ma
bought her a dell lappy fer chrimbo hope she checks serial