Saturday, October 21, 2006

Choose Suffolk - Why?

From the bottom of the escalator in a central London tube station (can't remember which one).

Begs the question: "Why?"

Apologies to any readers with East Anglian postcodes. But Suffolk Development Agency did put pay for the posters and the Choose Suffolk website, which states:

"With easy access to central London, Cambridge, Stansted Airport ..."

Let's get this straight. Perhaps the most unreliable rail link I've ever used is between Norwich/Ipswich and London Liverpool Street. The A14 up to Cambridge is a race track ona good day, and a virtual car park whenever there's an accident (how many times a week?). There's no direct way to Stansted, except by driving the hour and a bit down the A12 and (admittedly much-improved A120).

Not a great selling point.


Anonymous said...

Come now Alan, there are lots of reasons to Choose Suffolk ( eg Newmarket Races, Aldeburgh Music, Festivals eg Latitude, High Tide, Ip-Art; Long Melford, Lavenham, Woodbridge, loads of National Trust, English Heritage and RSPB sites, Constable county, miles of fabulous coastline and beaches, the Brecks, which is one of the great natural areas of Britain......and so on & on). It's a great place for family holidays and weekends away, and there's lots to do - beats flying abroad anyday!

Come and see what Suffolk has to offer!

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Thnak you for that ad from the Suffolk Tourist Guide ... restoring balance to my jaded view.

I forgot to mention the difficulty in finding anywhere to eat in the town centre that opens on a Monday night ... though The Galley on St Nicholas Street is a firm favourite.

And talking about the coast reminds me of the aptly named Concalescence Hill in Felixstore and the quirky Waverly Hotel at the top (where I've stayed many times by choice when the Ipswich Holiday Inn is full).