Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shock BBC NI TV drama commission … sounds like a fairy tale

It’s been mentioned on this blog before that BBC Northern Ireland produce precious incredibly little drama, particularly “returning drama series”. And the few that are produced locally, are actually filmed on the UK mainland (eg, Murphy’s Law).

But that’s all about to change!

An anthology of four contemporary adaptations of classic fairy tales will be shot in Northern Ireland next summer, and transmitted on BBC1 during Autumn 2007.

The BBC press release announced three of the four stories. The writers behind Cutting It, Outlaws and The League of Gentlemen will adapt The Emperor’s New Clothes, Cinderella and Billy Goat Gruff.

Fairy Tales is a Hat Trick/BBC NI production with the support of the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission.

Via and The Bog Standard Blog.

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John Self said...

Sounds interesting, particularly whatever the League of Gentlemen come up with.

Nonetheless I remain committed in my antipathy for BBCNI and its relentlessly pointless schedule changes. Now that they've stopped putting Jonathan Ross on half an hour late to show a repeat of the legendarily pisspoor Give My Head Peace, they've started putting it on 45 minutes late instead to show The Folks on the Hill (which I could tolerate) and The Blame Game (which I cannot, seeing as how its ranking well below the bottom of the panel show barrel is made clear by its proximity to Have I Got News For You).

In the digital era, isn't it about time we were able to choose whether or not we get these tiresome regional insertions? I would like to be able to watch network BBC1 when I want to - so I can finish watching Jonathan Ross at 11:35 and not 12:20 - and then switch to the local channel if I want regional news etc. But Freeview at least doesn't seem to provide this option.