Sunday, December 17, 2006

East Belfast - Carols in Ballyhackamore

Out pushing a pram yesterday, I noticed this poster in quite a few shop windows, and also outside the venue itself.

The community around Ballyhackamore - and I’m sure those in wider East Belfast too - are invited to come and join in the Christmas celebrations at Kirkpatrick Presbyterian Church over the festive season.

No need to dress up fancy - I reckon they'll love to see you as you are!

  • Wed 20th at 7pm
  • Christmas Eve at 11am
  • Christmas Morning at 10.30am

It’s just down from the Mandarin City, and across from the laundrette and the Orient on the Upper Newtownards Road.

Tempting to have an AiB meetup on the Wednesday night! And if it puts you in the mood for a carol, why not help CyberScribe write one over at The Bog Standard Blog.


John Self said...

Don't think I can make Wednesday, alas. We can take over Gourmet Burger Bank in the new year though...

What we really want to know is what possessed the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to rebrand all their churches with that terrible green-and-orange-on-blue stylised burning bush logo. I thought it was just our local one and then I saw them springing up everywhere. It looks like the prize-winning entry from a Blue Peter competition. With no offence to any Presbyterian clergy or their families! ;-)

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

I suspect that it's a matter of local congregations copying each other. Kind of a "sign envy".

While I'm sure the central Communications Office would be glad if local churches all adopted the corporate branding, I can't imagine there being anything to mandate it.

Plenty of places are still using wooden boards with black paint and gold leaf lettering on them!

But I bet there's a signmaker offering special deals to church property committees now they've got the mould/graphics set up for one.