Sunday, December 31, 2006

Technology at its worst ... a gruff Happy New Year

If one more person texts our home phone number - rather than a mobile number - causing Tom Baker to wish me a Happy New Year, I'll ... I'll ... I'll be very very cross.

Rather than a quick beep or a silent vibrate, texting a UK land line (well, a BT one anyway) rings the phone until you answer it, announces the mobile number, and invites you to hit 1 to hear Tom Baker announce the message.

Wonderful technology ... but lousy when it wakes up a two year old who's already thrown up twice tonight and isn't sleeping very soundly.

Tonight I vote with the Luddites - some technology either needs to be time-limited, or just withdrawn.

Happy New Year. From a slightly grumpy Alan in Belfast!


David Todd said...

just looked up the phone book...found a number ending in 860...picked up my mobile phone...put it down again.


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Had to think for a minute - that's the number for the second line in the house - which no one ever rings - except telesales. (The main number is in my wife's name.)

It would have been soooo awful if you'd rung. The ring tone on the phone plugged into the second line is ghastly - and the little one is only marginally less sick tonight than last night.

Happy New Year - may you be so restrained all year through!

David Todd said...

I'll restrain myself until I notice those two words on your blog then I'll text you something wonderful.The two words are bloggers block :-)

May I never have to do that!