Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Woolly hats, innocent smoothies & Hug a Granny

Innocent smoothier bottle with knitted woolly hat for Age Concern

Innocent have been deliberately quirky right from the introduction of their brand and associated drinks.

This Christmas, bottles of innocent smoothies are once again being decorated with knitted hats. You’ll find bottles wrapped up warm for the winter this year in Sainsburys and EAT outlets.

Last Thursday's lunchtime treat pictured on the right.

Innocent’s website explains:

"Earlier this summer, we got our knitting needles out and with the help of those nimbled fingered knitters at Age Concern we got to work to knit 175,000 little woolly hats.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Almost 25,000 older people died of cold-related illnesses last winter, so we think that it’s really important for us to do our bit to help keep them warm over the cold winter months.

So, for a limited period only, these dinky little woolly hats will sit on the top of our innocent smoothie bottles ... and for each hat-wearing smoothie sold, we [Innocent Drinks] will donate 50p to Age Concern.

We’ve actually reached nearly 220,000 hats. That equates to £110,000 to help keep older people nice and cosy when it’s cold outside."

They even made a short film about the knitting and posted it to YouTube! Check out the previous hats of the week.

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John Self said...

As well as being quirky (but in an acceptable way: like the bases of their 250ml bottles, which have messages imprinted in the plastic such as If you're reading this, you must be bored or Open other end (it's easier), Innocent have excellent customer service.

I bought one once during lunchhour which was slightly fizzy, ie had not been kept chilled so the fruit had begun to ferment. Even though it wasn't their fault, they sent me through a case of ten individual smoothies, thickly boxed in polystyrene and ice pack, retail value about £20.

Dundonald-based Puro Fruits are giving them a run for their money in some local outlets. Their mango and kiwi one is delicious; plus, unlike Innocent, they're not pasteurised.