Thursday, January 11, 2007

Line Rider - the cheap way to ski in the slopes

Bored? Looking for a distraction? Make sure you have the time before you try out the Line Rider website.

Only created in September 2006 by Slovenian student Boštjan Cadež, it’s a fast growing cult online game (or “toy” as the author prefers to call it).

So what is it? Basically, you draw a sky slope with your mouse, and watch a cmall character on a sled try and sleigh down your creation. If the slope isn’t smooth, he’ll fall off and it’s all over.


After a couple of goes, the feeling of frustration will mount. Pause, and check out the example movies showing what some advanced users (ie, addicts) have achieved. Frightening!


1 comment:

John Self said...

It's a Mousetrap for the 21st century!