Thursday, February 22, 2007

Auntie’s watching AiB!

The BBC has as many lunchtime surfers as any other organisation, and the odd person regularly reads AiB or links to a post via a related Google search.

But today I’ve been flooded with hits coming from the domain, all hitting the one page.

And on closer inspection, they haven’t been alone ... that one particular page has been getting more hits than normal from all domains.

A quick trawl through the Site Meter logs pointed me to the BBC Two homepage, which today includes a quote from Dave Gorman about the show he helped scriptwrite. Although the quote’s correctly attributed to him, the link is to my AiB posting about Kombat Opera Presents.

The first episode of the new comedy opera series goes out on BBC Two on Friday night. 10.50pm in Northern Ireland, 10pm in the rest of the UK.

(And it doesn’t beat Slugger O’Toole getting a name check in the House of Lords on Tuesday night!)


David Todd said...

I've seen a link to Dave Gorman recently , maybe on flickr. I'll have to have a search for him.The problem is if I do I'll probably end up back here @ AIB :-)

Red Mum said...

Howdie, Alan, thats an excellent link.

Dave Gorman's pics are here he takes excellent pics.

And Alan I was misreading that and thinking you helped write them. I'm all disappointed now ;)

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Sorry for the disappointment.