Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ballyhackamore shops still under threat

Remember the story from late December about the sale of property in Ballyhackamore, currently leased to seven shops?

The current tenants had offered the £1.4 million asking price. But it looked likely that the buildings would be snapped up by property developers with deeper pockets who could offer a significantly higher sum to secure the property to build apartments. This would have left the shopkeepers a maximum of one or two years left on their commercial leases.

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After a protest on the Upper Newtownards Road and some media attention a spokesman for Lord Eames (whose family own the buildings and have put them up for sale) said that the property would be taken off the open market.

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Discussions between the family and the current tenants were to take place in January. But it’s all gone quiet.

Talking to one of the affected shopkeeper last weekend, it seems that the talks haven’t happened yet. He still feared that the most likely outcome is that a property developer will get hold of the property, and that their leases will only be renewed for as long as it takes the new owner to get planning permission.

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Anonymous said...

My parents nwere offered 50k for their garden of their terraced house in Eastleigh Drive by the library. Other neighbours of theirs have sold their long gardens to developers. If they intend to build squashed-in houses in the gardens of terraced properties, I sadly have no doubt that this site will be snapped up soon. It is a prime location and, despite being sentimental about the hot spot, gary's, ivan's fruit shop, etc. - I have to admit I rarely frequent them anymore even though I only live down the road. Tesco's, Marks etc. have really taken over. Sentiment over sponduluks - I wonder which will win. Being very cynical today!