Sunday, February 18, 2007

Irish Blog Awards ... we were robbed!

As expected, no sign of Alan in Belfast amongst tonight’s announcement of the short-listed candidates for the Best Arts and Culture and Best Newcomer categories in the 2007 Irish Blog Awards. You need come serious electioneering to get enough votes cast to make it to the final five!

A big thank you to everyone who voted for AiB, and for everyone who has stopped by to catch up with what’s going on. Please keep coming back if you like what you read.

Better news for Jett Loe over at Letter to America who is still in the running for Best Arts and Culture Blog, Best Podcaster and last year’s Irish Blog Awards LTA podcast is up for Best Podcast. Though can he beat of the stiff competition from Old Bones?

Good to see Red Mum shortlisted in Best Personal Blog and Slugger O’Toole will be slugging it out to the bitter end with rivals in the Best Political Blog category.

It looks like there will be quite a battle between Arse End of Ireland, Blogorrah and Twenty Major - all up against each other in multiple categories.

A panel will now decide the final winners of each category.

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Anonymous said...

Yet again my vote makes absolutely no difference... I tried, AiB. Someday the world will catch up... ;)