Friday, February 02, 2007

Resolutions … one month on

Time flies like an arrow … fruit flies like a banana.

One month into the new year, how many of our resolutions are broken. Some good news amongst my good intentions.

I’ve managed to have lunch with my wife twice in January. Not so difficult to arrange and schedule after all. (And apparently exceeding once a month in January doesn’t cancel out my target in February!)

I’ve now got a stash of Sainsburys’ plastic bags in the back of my car, and I’ve even remembered to bring them in with me to the store once. And I’ve stopped bothering to bag cereal boxes and bottles—they’re quite safe rattling around in the boot of the car and aren’t hard to carry into the house without a handle.

And although I’ve picked up a Smartlink card, I haven’t managed to catch a bus into town yet. Maybe this month. (And I’d like to know why Translink feel it’s appropriate to steal unused journey’s back from customers if journey’s aren’t used within three months.)

6. Journeys will be valid for 3 months from when you first purchase your card. Each time a card is ‘topped-up’, all valid unused journeys have their validity extended for a further 3 months. Any journeys not used within 3 months of a top-up are removed from the card and will not be refunded.

We’ve also making inroads into West Wing—only four episodes short of finishing the first series.

And I’ve been reading most free trade magazines the same week they arrive, got though a fair amount of the backlog, and deliberately not filled out the renewal forms for some.

So it’s beginning to work ... a positive start. What about your resolutions? Any joy?


Anonymous said...

I was gonna get one of the translink cards. I was forever curious about them and wanted do what I saw so many others do - not have to deal with irritable bus drivers.

Since the summer I moved closer to the city centre and only have a 20min walk to work... though I do still get the bus on occasion cos im running late/lazy.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed I've finally over came my optimism and made the dreaded visit to my cellar....god! how stuff accumalates; how do we collect so much; I do not know. Anyway! My reason was to find my "dooms day stash" of various substances I put by in air proof capsules. I've decides to take back all the snickering and jeering I bestowed on those who heralded "the beginning of the end", and that includes Dylan when he released and I purchased and I listened....' .Masters of War .........'. So obviously my resolution is prepare for the worst it's real this time. Yours: depressed Paddy