Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spuds … but no chips at the fayre

Today was day one of two at Crawfordsburn’s Potato Fayre.

The event’s a little smaller than the apple-ridden Autumn Festival back in October. It was overcast, but at least they got dry weather this afternoon, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There were lots of different varieties of potato, available to buy whole and as seeds.


Rides in a horse-and-cart were available, a donkey could be fed with straw, along with a couple of stilt-walkers, one of whom juggled potatoes.

There was champ, potato salad with leek and bacon … but the only disappointment was the lack of chips.

Northern Ireland + Potato = Chips

But the only ones I could track down were part of an exhibit explaining what different varieties of spud were used for.

If you’ve an hour on your hands and are around North Down tomorrow, be a good spud and call in at Crawfordsburn.

And these of course are butternutsquash, not potatoes - but I liked the reflection of the daffodills on the apple logo!

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