Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fool ... or not?

#1 Last May, Apple and Nike got together to embed sensors in Nike shoes that transmitted data up to Apple Nanos kitted out with a slim receiver plugged into the bottom. Nike have now announced that by the end of 2007 all their running shoes will be able to be kitted out with the Nike+ sensors. Will it help the Apple treadmill to keep spinning, or is it a step too far? Update - it's true.

#2 This Easter, someone chocolate eggs won’t have sweets in the middle.

Instead, they’ll come with an MP3 player inside.

An eggsaggeration? Or the eggsact truth?

Update: it's true.

#3 And to keep to the theme of portable devices, what about a gold-plated USB stick to hang on an elegant necklace around your neck? Comes in silver too, 1GB or 2GB. Bling or fool? Update: it's true too!

I’ll update with fool or true in a day or so. Thanks to the good people at ShinyShiny for their year-round gadgetry and goodies.

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Alan in Belfast said...

Should have added the desk-sized USB Fondue set from the nice people at ThinkGeek!