Sunday, March 11, 2007

Categorising Sunday morning listeners

If your bum was sitting on a wooden pew (or even a more trendy cushioned chair) this morning, did you fall into any of these categories?! (I thought I'd used this cartoon in AiB before, but I can't find it.)

Some weeks, I think you also could substiture "Sermon" with "Sunday Sequence". But given that AiB has appeared on the Will & Testament blogroll, I shouldn't be so cheeky!

And I'd hope that the experience was a lot more positive that this humorous cartoon portrays. After all, meeting up with God's people should make up for any inadequacy in the sermon.


David Todd said...

I'm aiming this comment as a general comment to 'sermon listeners worldwide.

I'd reckon most sermons are like classes, tutorials or lectures. After attending a class, a tutorial or a lecture what you've learnt there's a good chance you'd put it into practice. I wonder does that happen with sermons, or are sermons just a form of religious intellectual stimulation.

Seeing it's Sunday that's my 'thought for the day'.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

To slightly reword Roy Castle's trumpet-sounded catchphrase, "Application's what you need".

Religious or theological stimulation isn't a lot of use unless it's grounded in the real (or unreal) world that we live, work, rest and play in.

peacedove said...

What we need is more"doing" than talking. Until by the way someone practices what they believe why should we listen at all. When we do see by action in a person's life what they believe only then will it have an influence on ours.